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Services & Pricing

TurnKey Pet and Home Sitting will Exceed your Pet Sitting Expectations!

We want you to feel safe and secure when you leave your pets with us in your home. Our objective is to give you a complete peace of mind.

TurnKey is a member of Pet Sitters International. This association keeps us up to date on any changes in the Pet Sitting Industry.

We are bonded and insured through Business Insurers of the Carolinas who specialize in insurance for Pet Service Providers.

We have an easy to use pet portal, which enables you to put in the specifics about your pet family. The information is live and can be accessed through our mobile phones. Your information can be updated at any time ensuring us the most up to date pet and home specifics.

Have you ever filled out an online doctor or appointment form? The pet portal may look similar to that. There are various categories to tab through and you can set up individual pet profiles.

Please regularly check your portal information before a sitting to ensure it reflects any pet or home care changes.

It is our goal to establish a relationship with you and your pets. We want to understand your pets and any specific needs they may have. Tell us all about your pets’ personalities and routines so we can provide them the best care.

We always ask clients to fill out their pet portal profile in plenty of time before our meeting so we are prepared with any questions.

Meetings typically last about 30 minutes.

We visit pets in their homes to keep them in their routines and comfort zones. Our regular visits are 30 minute sessions. Your pets will receive quality attention and care tailored to their individual needs. Pet visits are scheduled in blocks of time between 7am and 9pm.

One regular visit is $25 for up to 2 pets.  There is a discounted rate for three or more pets.  Just $4 a DAY, not per visit, for each extra pet. We do not charge holiday fees.

Please contact us to discuss pricing if you have 4 or more pets, caged animals that need to be attended to or any other special requests.

If dogs are part of your pet family, we recommend 2-3 visits a day.

If cats are part of your pet family, we can visit daily or every other day.

Long day at the office? Or planning a big evening out? Consider scheduling a drop in visit for us to give them some extra TLC.

Dog walking can be added to our routine for in home pet visits while you’re out of town or a great way to give your pup some extra attention during a long workday.

All clients requesting dog walks need to be thorough in filling out their dog’s information about their leash, behavior and any commands they respond to during a walk.

We know you will miss your fur babies. We will provide text and picture messages for your peace of mind. All communication goes through our work cell phone. We are just a text or call away.

You can also text us petsitting requests. It is most helpful to clearly state the calendar dates and amount of visits you will need. If you are trying to finalize plans, an estimate of the amount of visits is fine. Please inform us of any schedule changes as soon as possible.

As we visit you pets, your sitter will also be monitoring your home for anything unusual.

Watering potted plants*, rotating lights, trash, and mail and package retrieval are included services.

*If you have a significant number of plants that need care, we will need to discuss if our $5 plant fee is required. This fee is to compensate the sitter in the case that the plant watering takes significant time and effort to complete. A handful of plants to water is included in general house services. Please be sure to discuss the amount of plants during our consultation.

Please be sure to inform us about any other home services such as lawn care, pool service and cleaners that may be regularly scheduled to visit. This is to ensure we know other people are authorized to be in and around the home. And let them and trusted family members/friends know you’ve scheduled a petsitter so we are all on the same page and function as a team.

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